3D Printing is a method of additive manufacturing where a three-dimensional computer model is programmed and physically created by the machine. Different types of printers allow for a wide variety of materials, finishes, colours, durability, strength, flexibility, intricacy (details), and usages. However, although the 3D printing processes may differ, they follow the same fundamentals – an object (or multiple objects) is created through a repeating procedure of layer-by-layer build-up of material. 3D printing offers several main advantages over traditional prototyping methods. First, it utilizes material only where necessary, where subtractive manufacturing (CNC milling) requires large supply material and produces a lot of wasted resources. Second, 3D printing allows objects to be created in materials that would normally be difficult or much more costly for low-volume runs – such as polymer plastics. Third, due to the process of layer-by-layer build up, printed models can retain a high level of detail and intricacy. 3D printing is also commonly known as “rapid prototyping”, it is a powerful tool for design development where several iterations may be required for optimization and test-fitting. As every object is printed individually, each part can be custom. This ultimately means this technology is very beneficial for creating one-offs or low-volume runs.

At Balonbay, we specialize in filament printing, primarily with prototyping small to large objects. Our print projects are commonly used for understanding the three-dimensional spatial sense of the design, both mechanically and cosmetically. Seeing and feeling the physical object helps everyone on the design team with communication and further design improvements.

Balonbay 3D Printing

Technical Information:

  • small, medium, large format 3D printing
  • filament printing - Fused Filament Fabrication / Fused Deposition Modeling
  • 0.1 to 0.3mm layer resolution


Our 3D printing services are suitable for:

prototyping a physical, tangible object for visualization and design development
test fitting parts or verification purposes
strong and durable plastic prototypes (capable of printing clips)
product mock-ups or usable prototypes*
*conditions may apply, please contact us for more information.


Balonbay 3D Printing 1:5 Scale 3-piece wheels
Balonbay 3D Printing 1:5 Scale 3-piece wheels
Balonbay 3D Printing 1:10 Scale RC Wheels
Balonbay 3D Printing SSD Hard Drive Case Shelf
Balonbay 3D Printing Turner's Cube
Balonbay 3D Printing Turner's Cube