Balonbay (pronounced: bah-lon-bay) is a Canadian company that offers its diverse in-house services to the Greater Toronto Area. We are a team of product designers with over 16 years of combined industry experience. With vast experience working in various industries, we understand the importance of innovative and efficient product development and prototyping.

From 3D laser scanning to 3D printing, we utilize industrial-grade tools and technologies for: data acquisition, capturing and digitizing geometry, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and reverse-engineering projects. All our services are completed in-house with professional standards and follow our refined workflow.

The distinguishing feature of Balonbay is based on the dynamic perspective of the designer; specifically, our team’s in-depth knowledge and experience as professional product designers. It is through our design expertise that allows us to provide top quality work in both laser scanning and reverse-engineering services. As designers, we understand the process of product development and which details are most important in the project. Along with our powerful acquisition tools for capturing and digitizing objects’ geometry, we are able to reverse-engineer objects with utmost precision and accuracy.

Balonbay 3D Laser Scanning