3D Laser Scanning Subaru Impreza

This project was to laser scan the interior dashboard center console area of a Subaru Impreza. The data was later used for product development purposes, specifically to design new, replacement plastic trim pieces. By utilizing laser scanning, all the intricate details and measurements are captured efficiently.

3D Laser Scanning 2015 Subaru WRX

In order to design new exterior body kits for the 2015 Subaru WRX and STI, highly accurate data of the vehicle body was necessary. We performed a full, complete scan of the entire vehicle body, capturing all the intricate details as well as the complex curves and surfaces.

3D Laser Scanning Subaru BRZ

This project's objective was to scan the entire Subaru BRZ, which is largely identical to the Scion FR-S / Toyota GT86. We scanned both versions (FR-S and BRZ), and data is used for the development of custom-designed exterior accessories (aftermarket bodykits).

Balonbay 3D Laser Scanning for the Greater Toronto Area Subaru BRZ

3D Laser Scanning Scion FR-S Interior Dashboard

In order to design new interior accessory products to fit perfectly into the Scion FR-S, highly accurate measurements of the surfaces, geometry, and mechanical asembly (snap fit clips, mounting points) are required. For this project, we laser scanned the central region of the Scion FR-S dashboard, capturing all the outer surfaces, and we performed further scans with the outer plastics removed, capturing all the intricate mounting points.

3D Laser Scanning Scion FR-S

This project's objective was to scan the entire Scion FR-S (aka the Toyota GT86 outside of North America), which is largely identical to the Subaru BRZ. We scanned both versions (FR-S and BRZ), and data is used for the development of custom-designed exterior accessories (aftermarket bodykits).

3D Laser Scanning Nissan 350Z Interior Dashboard

We were asked to perform a 3D laser scan of the interior of a Nissan 350Z dashboard, specifically the central dash area. The scanned information will later be used to design and develop a new interior trim piece and custom plastics. With the highly accurate scanned data, all the OEM clips can be extracted and replicated, ensuring high quality, perfect fit. In addition to scanning the outside of the dash, we also scanned the inside of the dash (the "skeleton"), which allowed us to verify clearances with the new product design, as well as the OEM plastics piece individually.

3D Printed Camera Flash Diffuser for Canon 580EX II

As a macro photography enthusiast, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve lighting small objects. In addition to a true macro lens (I use a Sigma 105mm F/2.8 macro), an appropiate flash diffuser helps improve the picture quality immensely. There are many off-the-shelf products, but it also depends on your shooting style and lens. For example, a lot of macro photographers use a ring-flash, lighting the object from the front-end of the lens. However, I prefer a single light source coming from above my subject.

3D Laser Scanning Porsche 928

We were tasked to perform a full laser scan of the front-end of this custom Porsche 928, which included all of the front bumper, hood, and front fenders. This project was a fully custom-designed project, and one of the main objectives was to extract the specific shape and position of the custom-built engine so the new hood will conform and follow the contours of the mechanics. By scanning both the exterior and engine, the data provided us specific measurements for the clearance of the engine to the hood.

3D Laser Scanning Mercedes-Benz GLK

This project's objective was to capture the side of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK in virtual data for product development purposes. Target stickers were placed across the side of the vehicle and on the front and rear fenders, as well as parts of the hood and trunk. The scanned mesh data is highly accurate and the detailed lines and surfaces of the Mercedes-Benz is easily visible in the digital file.

Designing and 3D Printing Hard Drive Storage Cases

With the advancements in Solid State Drive technology in the last couple years, SSDs have become the cheapest and most affordable computer upgrade for the most drastic difference. We have upgraded all our office laptops from traditional hard drives to modern SSD drives in the last couple years, but this left us with a bunch of 2.5" hard drives with no enclosure or case. Rather than spend the money to buy numerous enclosures, or wrap them in static-free bags and leave them somewhere, I decided to design and 3D print my own storage cases for these extra drives.


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