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Product Design

What is Product Design?

Product Design, or sometimes commonly known as Industrial Design, is the process and practice of using tools, drawings, to build assets for objects; often intended for mass production or manufacturing.

In addition to 3D Laser Scanning and Reverse-Engineering, our studio also offers Product Design and consulting services. As professionally trained industrial designers, our team will guide you through the entire product development process; from early initial ideation sketches to working prototypes.

We understand the importance of having projects progress smoothly and as efficiently as possible from start-to-finish. As a centralized design studio, we perform every phase of the project from the initial laser scan to the final prototypes completely in-house. By having all the work done in-house (as opposed to multiple outsourced vendors), it streamlines project timelines and help produce a higher quality of work by avoiding overlooked details.

For a visual guide of our specialized design process, please visit this page.

Technical Information:

Initial Development: Pencil and digital sketches
3D CAD: 3D previews, renderings, animations
File Preparation: Design for both 3D printing or injection molding
2D File Formats: 2D Raster Bitmap (JPEG, PNG), 2D Vector (EPS, PDF)
3D File Formats:
3D Polymesh (.STL, .OBJ, .3DS), 3D NURBS (.IGES, .STEP)
Small scale to full-size mock-ups, functional prototypes

You Need Product Design Services If You:

  • have an idea but need help taking it into fruition
  • you want to produce and sell products
  • need assistance with problem-solving or design improvements
  • have 2D illustrations or drafts that you need to take into 3D
  • want to create a product but are unsure of the involvement

Professional Industrial Design

Our in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes, materials, product aesthetics and mechanics, allows us to design for a wide variety of different industries. Although our specialty is in automotive and motorcycle (transportation) industries, we apply our problem-solving techniques to every project to explore and achieve the best design decisions and results. As a design consultancy with in-house laser scanning and prototyping tools, it gives us full-control over the research and development phases, allowing us to design higher quality products for your company.